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Welcome To Vidhya Vikash School



Vidhya Vikash School, a co-educational institute in the private sector, was established in the serene valley of Bhaktapur, in 2042 B.S (1985 AD). Since its inception, it has been working continuously to achieve its broad motto of 'Learn for Advancement'. The institution is especially known for its disciplinary values, team spirit and extracurricular activities related to individual and community advancement. It has always valued the service and efforts of teachers, parents and students. With its base on quality education, the school has always worked for the all round development of an individual child to make him able to face the national as well as international challenges.

  • Our Our Objetives

    1. disciplined, self-confident creative and responsible citizens
    2. To give maximum exposure to the students and teachers to harness their talents by making them participate in different activities
    3. cultivate a sense of fair play, accountability and transparency in everything we do.
    4. To encourage sensitivity and respect to each other cultures, individual needs and differences
    5. To create an educational world in which children of different backgrounds from all corners of the country have an access to quality education
    6. To inculcate leadership quality in each and every student.
    7. To adopt new systems and approaches in academic and extracurricular activities to match with the dynamically changing world.